Divya Control Elements Pvt. Ltd.
  Product Profile
  Of the Products manufactured by us, the foremost one is Air Filter Pressure Regulator.
In 1980, the company purchased the entire tooling from Keilley & Muller, USA. Of the 26 components used in the Air Set, 24 are made from Dies, thus ensuring interchangeability.

The Air Set Model JN – 4 has been approved by several renowned consultants / turn-key operators mentioned as under:

Engineers India Ltd {EIL}
Projects & Development India Ltd {PDIL}
Technical Development Committee {TDC}
Toyo Engineering

We have executed several project orders for customers like GAIL, IPCL, HALDIA PETROCHEMICALS, RCF, BVFCL [HFCL] under the inspection of EIL, BUREAU VERITAS, UDHE INDIA and PDIL.


We have been supplying the product to various Petrochemicals, Refineries, Fertilizers, Chemicals & Alkalies, Cement Plants, Textile Plants, Research Institutions, Space Centers & OEM’s like Control Valve, I/P manufacturers etc. where the quality of the product is found to be satisfactory & acceptable to all.
We are also exploring international business mainly thru’ this product. We are confident of satisfactory results in foreign lands, too.

We have specialized in the manufacture of Air Sets as we have been receiving regular orders from Clients in good quantities. The rejection is found to be negligible as compared to the supply made.

For Corrosive Applications, we have our Model: JN-4 [SS]
The Pressure bearing components are made of Investment Cast in CF8M & others are processed out of Bar SS316 to resist the atmospheric effect.
This was primarily developed for Tata Chemicals, Mithapur.